Authors Anonymous

Match Flick Review: Authors Anonymous

Jane Austin? I hear she’s good REVIEW RATING: 4.5 stars (out of 5) Favorite Movie Quote: “Jane Austin? I hear she’s good” Five amateur writers: A Real Housewife of her very successful Optometrist (Teri Polo & Dylan Walsh), a “poser” (Jonathan Bennett), a Vietnam vet (Dennis Farina, in his final role), a prolific, but unpublished writer (AMERICAN PIE’s Chris Klein), and one clueless, very pretty writer (“The Big Bang Theory’s” Kaley Cuoco). Five very different personalities, as different as the […]

Chris Klein and Ellie Kanner - Authors Anonymous

Interview: Chris Klein Talks Authors Anonymous

Begrudgingly envying friends and colleagues as they began to garner the success you have so longingly yearned for is a difficult emotion for many people to admit to feeling. However, that sentiment of defeat and overcoming a series of setbacks is amusingly and satirically emphasized in director Ellie Kanner’s new comedy, ‘Authors Anonymous,’ as the flawed ensemble of characters struggle to find their own happiness and contentment. Led by the versatile and dynamic pairing of actors Chris Klein and Kaley […]

How to Direct an Ensemble Comedy

I am not admitting anything. All I will say is that any of these things could happen to you and might have happened to me. Make the film that you want to make for your audience. If your audience laughs, cries or is moved in some way and enjoys their movie-going experience, then you have done your job. If you think you’re going to have any time to rehearse in between setups or before/after a shooting day, don’t fool yourself. […]

Authors Anonymous

Film Gate Reviews: Authors Anonymous

A clever, documentary-styled addition to the romantic comedy genre. “Authors Anonymous” presents a group of writers desperate for the next great idea and their moment of success; either order would be fine with them. It’s a comedy presented in documentary style, but it’s not really a mockumentary because it doesn’t parody the genre—it parodies the characters. These characters are all selfish, stupid or stubborn, or all of the above. It’s the best documentary-styled comedy I’ve seen (which isn’t an hyperbole […]

‘Authors Anonymous’ Theatrical Trailer

Authors Anonymous is an upcoming comedy indie film directed and produced by Ellie Kanner. It stars Kaley Cuoco, Chris Klein, Tricia Helfer, Jonathan Banks, Jonathan Bennett, Teri Polo and Dennis Farina.

For the Love of Money

For The Love Of Money

For the Love of Money, which is an Israeli gangster movie about one man’s struggle to make the right choices in life. Based on a true story, it stars Israeli actor Yuda Levi, French star Delphine Chanéac, Jonathan Lipnicki, Oded Fehr, James Caan, and Paul Sorvino – Directed by Ellie Kanner

For the Love of Money

All Cash Taps “Money” Stars

Chanéac, Levi set to topline indie drama All Cash Prods. has tapped Delphine Chanéac (“Splice”) and Yehuda Levi to star in indie drama “For the Love of Money”. Pic’s directed by Ellie Kanner and written by Jenna Mattison, who will produce with Izek Shomof and Tom Topolsky exec producing. Based on the true story of the life of Izek Shomof, “For the Love of Money” centers on the themes of family, friendship, and the ties that bind between Jewish gangsters. […]

Wake movie 2009 Screenshot

Flick Sold To E1 Entertainment

Wake is a dark romantic comedy about a young woman who has an unusual hobby of attending the funerals of complete strangers. The film, starring Bijou Phillips, Ian Somerhalder, Danny Masterson, and Jane Seymour, was the opening night selection Cinequest Film Festival 2009. E1 Entertainment released the film on DVD April 20, 2010.